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Social Event Fundraising

Join our School Fundraising For Education/ Fraternity / Sorority / Gala / Mardi Gras Krewe / Banquet Community Partner Program & kick start your fund-raising today!

Here is how the program works:

We supply you with the rental discount cards and a unique event code. Put your event code on the cards. You distribute them to everyone planning on attending your formal event.

Vista Formal Wear will pay $5.00* for every tuxedo rental discount card brought in with your event code on it. It really is that easy. But wait, there is more.

Vista Formal Wear provides Personal Service and is committed to providing your organization the best service. Our specially trained store attendants are professional and ready to assist you. We are positive that you will be satisfied with our staff and merchandise.

We also offer promotional posters to put up that are customizable for your events.

Vista Formal Wear managers will come to your meetings to hand out discount cards, measure for your event rentals and even put up a display with real product for your members to see!

Sign Up and Let's Get Started!

* The money that is earned will be presented in the form of a check payable to your organization. For example, if 100 of your attendees redeem the Vista Formal Wear Fund-raising discount code, Vista Formal Wear will send your organization a check for $500!

Complete this form and bring it to Vista Formal Wear, 2200 El Mercado Loop Suite 1150, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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